R.S. Faktor. “aKúfeno”.    Credits:

Recorded during three sessions by three different groups:

-                     Verónica and Hércules Tower recorded on 15/11/2014 by Xabier Ferreiro “Man” at Bruar Studios, Coruña. Miguel Cabana (Drums), Simón García (Bass), Nani García (Piano), Lucia Souto (Vocals) and Rubén Salvador (Trumpet and Flugelhorn).

-                     Fjordsong, Jokorrik Gabe and Good Times in Galicia recorded on 25/4/2015 by Xabier Ferreiro “Man” at Bruar Studios, Coruña. Miguel Cabana (Drums), Simón García (Bass), Iago Mouriño (Piano and Keys), Pablo Añón (Alto Saxophone) and Rubén Salvador (Trumpet and Flugelhorn).

-                     Akúfeno, Albaicín, Boa Onda and Outubro recorded on 20/12/2015 by Freddie Peláez at Pottoko Studio, Beasain. Hilario Rodeiro (Drums), Javier Mayor (Bass), Satxa Soriazu (Piano) Julen Izarra (Tenor Saxophone) and Rubén Salvador (Trumpet and Flugelhorn).

Mixes, Master and Musical Production by Xabier Ferreiro “Man” and Rubén Salvador at Bruar Studios, Coruña, 15 to 17/01/2016.

All compositions by Rubén Salvador, except Outubro composed by Hilario Rodeiro.

All arrangements by Rubén Salvador and R.S.Faktor (Atlántica and Basque), except for Outubro arranged by Hilario Rodeiro and R.S. Basque Faktor.

Lyrics for Verónica in Portuguese by Xabier Romero.


Theme by Theme:

Jokorik Gabe (No Play): Play upon words indicating the combination of amalgam beats that are the basis of this composition in which the melody is like a ship surfing high waves steered by a calm captain.

Akúfeno: An image of the sensations caused by this phenomenen, from its localization and beginning, its development, to moments of disappearance, then its maximum rise and the realization of its permanence.

Albaicín: A tribute to this enchanted place in Granada that makes the Andalusian blood that runs through my veins surface and brings out the family ties that link me to this beautiful city.

Outubro: The inspiration for this theme came with a beautiful sunset. That night, after playing it one last time, all fell silent. A peaceful silence where the colors of the sunset continued to shine. A sweet pause where time could be heard and my heart smiled.

Fjordsong: Marvellous memories of experiences shared with Satxa Soriazu during a trip to the land of fjords and salmon. What better way to revive those memories than a musical composition to be shared with my travel mate.

Verónica: Dedicated to a very special person I have lived and shared all kinds of experiences with. Someone who has always been there to support and advise me as though she were the voice of experience even though I am her older brother.

Boa Onda: Composed a few months after my arrival in Coruña, once the city was familiar, my job under control and I had begun to move among the great musicians that live there. A moment of joy due to the change in my life.

Hércules Tower: A magnificent place, a fountain of inspiration that I visited frequently, where three elements converge: land, sea and air. My objective was to capture each of these elements in the different instruments: piano, bass and melody (trumpet and vocals).

Good Times in Galicia: A composition that reflects the good times I spent in Galicia during the three years that I lived in that marvellous land of good food and drink and big-hearted people who treated me so well that it is impossible to describe them in words. A memory to last a lifetime.