We carry a brave new world into our hearts


I’ll tell you the truth: you don’t get many records as stimulating as this one. An inviting, honest, creative and clean album. The starting point of Aquel Corto Verano is a book, El Corto Verano de la Anarquía, that introduced Juan de Diego to the fascinating personality of Buenaventura Durruti, an anarchist leader killed in the outburst of the Spanish Civil War. Reading about the everyday life of workers in Barcelona during those days lead Juan de Diego to build a musical narrative in which every composition is related to a human experience. That’s one of the main magic features of this record. And not an easy one, by the way.

Another one is the ability to create a real band sound. Juan, Dani and Joe breathe together -no leading rule to be seen. It’s a matter of very special empathy. In fact, there’s no greater joy than creating good music together. All Is one and one is all, as Led Zep used to say.